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Rosfelder construction equipmentthe services of professional firms Building, Public Works and individuals since 1989.

Maintenance and repair of all construction equipment regardless of brand.

Responsive and attentive, our team is able to respond quickly and this in due time.

We work on all brands of construction machinery.

We also propose the construction equipment rental or new purchase, please contact us.

For any intervention, the company Rosfelder construction equipment can, if necessary, intervene on site.

Our team, based in Turckheim, moves in a radius of 50 km around Colmar.

Our company caters to a diverse clientele, TP professionals, landscapers, farmers or individuals.


Rosfelder construction equipment in addition to an online business selling new elements and occcasions, see our page: Shop.


feel free to Contact usOur team is at your disposal to answer all your questions!

Rosfelder construction equipment

Romat TP

  • Repairs all construction equipment brands
  • Maintenance every construction equipment brands
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Sale of equipment TP
  • Sales of parts and accessories TP
  • After sales service

feel free to Contact us,
our team is at your disposal
to answer all your questions!

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Fast and efficient after-sales service